Adk Marble, founded in Istanbul in 2003 for marble and natural stone export, rapidly became a recognized company in the industry for its service quality and through local/foreign trade fair participations.

In addition to the block sales, Adk Marble offers customers with slabs and tiles , and opened up a travertine quarry at Mersin city, Mut town in 2007 in order to increase raw material supply to meet increasing demand or particularly for travertine.

Thus our company developed expertise in quarry business and increased its export figures by increasing production. In 2009, as the light color beige marble became more popular in the natural stone industry (compared to travertine) and became a preference in structures, Adk Marble started running a beige marble quarry in Isparta city, Eğirdir town in order to string along with those changes in the field.Our company opened up a second beige marble quarry in the area to increase production of “Ottoman beige”, a highly demanded product popular for its light color and different patterns, and increased its capacity by making large amounts of investment.

Adk Marble became a well-known and preferred premium company in the Chinese marble market thanks to this product which continues to be the most popular natural stone of Turkey. While block marble and export still continued at two different quarries in Isparta region in 2014, slabs and tile production was also commenced by state-of-the-art Italian machinery at a 5.000 m2 indoor facilities at Burdur -Bucak Industrial Zone.

Today, Adk Marble has the capacity to reliably undertake long-term projects with large quantities by its raw material resources and modern production facilities.